eBeat story

Just a couple of images before they are lost.

There is a lot to say about this story, but long story short: We were trying to create an app that could write musical notation based on an sound input from the device microphone. We won on local startup event and then won on regional competition for the main price of being able to present our startup at TechCrunch Dissrupt Europe in Berlin of 2013. We also took part of the hackaton couple of days prior in the same venue with the simple idea for an app that improves your typing perfromance. I later took this idea and made an app for Windows 8.1 (I know right) as a project for one of the IT classes in highschool, which is still available to download from the store.

Anyyyway.. I was the only developer and was less then 18 years old and for the first time faced with a problem I could not solve on multiple levels. Now looking back, a lot of things would be much easier, maybe even possible to achieve if I had almost 10 more years of experiance.

Soon after Dissrupt Europe in 2013 we decided that after almost a year, we would stop persuing this idea. We did manage to create an app that was outputting musical anotation but the input was manual.

About that time I decided that never again would I be faced with a challange for which I would not be able to find the solution. And so the journey for the true knowledge began.

Our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ebeatcompany