Hello World

Hello there internet pioneer!

Thanks for stopping by 👋

This is my first blog post. Ever.

Its main purpose is to increase my network reach therefore most posts will be reposted on my LinkedIn profile and somehow connected to my work.

I will try to write a bit about my view on different topics that are not directly connected to my work but are important to me and (almost certainly) have or will have impact on our daily lives in the near future. Topics may include my views on blockchain, economics, global politics, space or anything that comes to my mind.

Its secondary purpose is to keep me accountable to write a post every week – or every two weeks :), quality over quantity (read “laziness”).

This will be prime location to post tips and tricks from my day-to-day work or to defuse my anger over spaghetti code that made my day a rollercoaster of debugging.

For now, there are couple of things on site that need my attention short-term:
– translation to Slovenian language,
– deploying some of the old projects so they are publicly accessible if allowed, adding them to my portfolio page and finishing some README.md of those repositories in the process,
– configure and test couple of SEO tricks I found recently.

In the future I might release certain collections I created over the years from all the corners of the internet that range from amazing quotes to small little-known software gems or automation scripts/shortcuts that make life of a power user a bit more enjoyable.

This is it, see ya in a week or two.

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