2014 LetterSanta

This is legacy project, that was done in collaboration with Luka Kužnik. He helped with idea and design. I coded it in Objective-C. It was done for iOS 8 I think. Project was done in around 2 weeks, starting around mid december of 2014. We were late for that Cristmas with app submission, that was rejected first time. Then the Cristmas was already over and we never pushed it to the App store after that. We planned to price it 1$ if I remember correctly. Here is a short recap of that app submission details.

Fully customizable Santa Claus letter & envelope app is finally here!!!

App has one single purpose, to create awesome Santa Claus letters for our children. App comes with 5 different letter’s and 2 envelope templates, that were designed to be printed on a standard A4 paper. In four simple steps that take less then 5 min, you gonna make unforgettable christmas experience for your child.

1. Generate letter & envelope via app
2. Go to Photo app and print both generated images
3. Cut & glue
4. Place envelope with letter under the christmas tree